Four Brothers Wine Tasting

Four Brothers Wine Tasting

  • Carisa Brambles
  • 10/10/22

Four Brothers Wine Tasting: What to Love

A boutique, family-run business founded on excellence.
At Four Brothers Wine Tasting, you'll find a family-run business committed to offering the highest-quality wines in Los Olivos. Wine aficionados looking for the best place to taste wine in Los Olivos will find that Four Brothers Wine Tasting offers an unforgettable experience, a great environment, and high-quality wines—the best of all worlds. 
Four Brothers Wine Club was created by four boys who love traveling, adventure, and friends and family. Above all, they enjoy lighthearted competition, but they also enjoy working together to create the best possible wines for their customers. Thanks to that connection, they are able to build on one another's strengths—and as a resident of Los Olivos, you can visit the wine tasting room to learn more about those fantastic wines, pick your favorites, or fall in love with a new flavor for your next big event.

In the Tasting Room

A visit to Four Brothers Wine Tasting allows you to enjoy a wonderful afternoon or evening. Sample a variety of wines and decide whether you want to take any of them home with you. Often, Four Brothers guests discover new favorites that they can't leave without. 

Carefully Curated Wine List

The Four Brothers team keeps its wine list small so that you can enjoy the best wines they have to offer. They focus on providing exceptionally flavorful wines that you can count on every time, so you'll have a fantastic experience every time you pop open a bottle. With Four Brothers, you can find an exquisite variety of wines to suit any taste, including Rose, Pinot Noir, sparkling wine, and more. Carefully consider your unique tastes, and let Four Brothers do the rest. 

Multiple Tasting Options

When you visit the Four Brothers Wine Tasting Room, you’ll have the chance to select the wine-tasting plan that works best for you. If you'd prefer to take your wine out with you, consider a Picnic Pack, with two amazing bottles of wine and a bag that will allow you to head out on the go or for a picnic on your living room floor. It's the perfect option for a date night out (or in) with that special someone in your life or a chance to take an exciting new wine to a visit with friends.

Outdoor Sampling Space

As you check out the selection of wines, step outside to enjoy the outdoor tasting space and all the amenities it offers. This gorgeous space allows you to take in the beauty of Los Olivos as you sample your wines, clear your palate between samples, or select the wine you want to enjoy.

Looking for More? Try Out the Wine Club

If a single set of samples isn't enough, you can check out the Four Brothers Wine Club. Depending on your membership level, you will get four, six, or twelve bottles, all shipped directly to your home. As part of the wine club, you'll also have the chance to check out complimentary tasting options and enjoy the best of what Four Brothers has to offer. 
Los Olivos is known for its fantastic wine options. If you're looking for one of the best, however, look no further than Four Brothers. Explore the tasting room to find your new favorite wine and learn more about what it has to offer.

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