Favorite Coffee in Santa Ynez Valley "Pony Espresso"

Favorite Coffee in Santa Ynez Valley "Pony Espresso"

  • Carisa Brambles
  • 10/10/22

Santa Ynez Valley Coffee Favorite

Pony Espresso: A Simple, Local Coffee Shop Favorite.
While Santa Ynez Valley is well known for its wine, starting your morning off right and beating the afternoon slump with a cup of coffee is important for the area's many busy professionals. Fortunately, Pony Espresso makes it easy for residents and visitors to grab a cup of coffee in a charming, enriching cafe where they can relax, chat, and meet. It's been described as "casual service meet elevated food in a unique environment" by Alberto Battaglini, and the cafe continues to deliver on those expectations.

Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch Offerings

Pony Espresso is focused on delivering meals for some of the most important times of the day: breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Not only can you find a great cup of coffee, including a coffee bar that offers Americano, espressos, and traditional coffee with a variety of flavors, but it also offers several dining options. 
Check out the great "Breakfast Sando" with egg, tomato, and pesto on a potato bun, or explore the many "thick toast" options, including several avocado toast options, from standard avocado toast to a loaded avocado toast that includes cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, and herbs. Visitors may also enjoy the "piggyback" thick toast option, which includes bacon, hard-boiled egg, avocado, and herbs. If you're nursing a hangover from too much wine the night before, Pony Espresso even offers a "hungover hash" that includes vegetables, egg, avocado, and spicy salsa.
For lunch, visitors at Pony Espresso can find a variety of great "sando" or salad options, including a Tuna Melt Sandwich, Pesto + Chicken Sando, or Smoked Salmon Salad. One thing is for sure—you won’t walk away hungry.


Pony Espresso features a menu full of fantastic coffee options, and they remember the little details that count. For instance, the restaurant makes its iced coffee with coffee-flavored iced cubes, so you never have to worry about the ice diluting the flavor as it melts. This is just one of the many little things that set the cafe a step above the rest.
Not only is Pony Espresso a favorite hangout spot for friends and family, but many patrons also enjoy getting cozy and working from the cafe. That way, they can sip on several cups of their favorite brew throughout the day, keeping them alert as they continue to work in this charming environment.

Wine and Beer

Of course, no cafe in Santa Ynez Valley would be complete without wine. At Pony Espresso, you can enjoy a mimosa with breakfast or lunch or check out a variety of wine and beer options, including local favorites straight from Santa Ynez Valley. Sitting back and relaxing in this gorgeous environment with your drink of choice can allow you to people-watch as you take in the local scenery and everything it has to offer. 

Takeout Options

When you're on the go, you may not have time to find a seat in the charming Pony Espresso cafe to enjoy your meal. Fortunately, Pony Espresso offers takeout, so you can grab your sandwich or coffee and head out the door.  
For residents of Santa Ynez Valley, Pony Espresso has quickly become a fan favorite. Guests have noted that it is the perfect place to sit and work for a little while, especially if they're looking for a quiet environment where they can kick back with a great cup of coffee. Whether you're looking for a new coffee shop or just a great cafe for brunch or lunch, Pony Espresso delivers.

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