Cowboy Country Line Dancing Bar In Santa Ynez

Cowboy Country Line Dancing Bar In Santa Ynez

  • Carisa Brambles
  • 10/10/22

Cowboy Country Line Dancing in Santa Ynez

Line dancing, fantastic events, and a great night out.
A night out on the town is a great way to relax, kick back, and have fun with friends or that special loved one in your life. If you're looking for a fantastic cowboy experience, Maverick Saloon is the perfect place to find it. It's the one and only cowboy country line dancing bar in Santa Ynez, a local favorite for a night out on the town that simply can't be beat. Check out everything Maverick Saloon has to offer.

Enjoy Snapshots of the Past

When you step into Maverick Saloon, you'll immediately notice the memorabilia of the past hanging on the walls: logo mirrors, posters, lighted beer signs, rusted horseshoes, and more. As you look up, you'll get to take in an aerial guest book that includes business cards, meeting notes, and more: the physical evidence of the many events the bar has hosted over the years. Not only is it a great way to step back in time and learn more about who the bar has played host to over the years, but it also stands as a reminder of just how much fun has already been had in Maverick Saloon over the years--and how much fun you and your friends could have here in the future. 

Amazing Events

Maverick Bar hosts a number of fantastic regular events, drawing in many patrons on a regular basis as they check out more of what it has to offer. On weekend nights, you can check out fantastic concerts from a variety of bands and musicians, many of which will be sure to set your feet to dancing. Tuesday nights are often karaoke nights, when you can get up and sing your heart out. On Thursdays, the main stage hosts open mic nights. Check out local artists, enjoy your favorite songs, and kick up your heels and dance: Maverick Saloon offers the best of all worlds and no shortage of fun and entertainment.

Fantastic Drinks and Cocktails

There are plenty of fantastic drinks and cocktails available at Maverick Saloon. If you're looking to maintain that cowboy vibe, you can check out a 1963 or try out the Maverick Mule. Looking for something different? Maverick Saloon offers a wide selection of wines. You'll be sure to find a drink that fits your needs, whether you want to have a single drink while you take in a show or plan to drink and dance the night away. 

Amazing Food

Of course, as you're line-dancing and celebrating, it won't take long to work up an appetite! Check out the many appetizers, burgers and "sammiches," and full-size meals available on the Maverick Saloon menu, many of them complete with that fantastic cowboy theme that brought you to the restaurant in the first place. Check out options like the Tomahawk Steak Platter, The Honky Tony Burger, the Big Maverick, and more. Of course, there are also options like loaded fries, wings, and onion rings to round off your experience or allow you a light option that will help you jump back up and keep dancing. There's also a separate menu for private events, including an appetizer-only option, a slider option, and other favorites to help make your event spectacular. 
Maverick Saloon: if you're looking for old-fashioned line-dancing, plenty of fantastic memories, and a vibrant venue, the saloon delivers night after night. It hosts private parties and events as well as larger-scale events for regular customers, making it the perfect place for your next party or event.

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