Getting Hitched in Los Olivos

Getting Hitched in Los Olivos

  • Carisa Brambles
  • 10/10/22

Getting Hitched in Los Olivos

Here's what you need to know for an unforgettable experience.
Getting married is an incredible experience of a lifetime. Of course, you want every moment of your special day to be perfect. With Wine Trail Weddings, you'll get access to an exclusive venue that offers the best of everything you could imagine for your amazing day.

The "Secret Garden" Feel

When you visit the Wine Trail Weddings venue, you'll feel as though you have stepped straight into a secret garden. You'll find yourself in a stunningly gorgeous venue, complete with aged oak trees and luscious wine-country landscaping. Wine Trail Weddings, located at the head of the famous wine trail on Foxen Canyon, includes a lush, green landscape, a lovely waterfall, and a beautiful creek that runs through the property. This exclusive environment is the perfect place for the wedding of your daydreams.

Magical Wedding Moments

Your wedding is already a magical moment: that perfect opportunity to connect with the one you love and begin your life-long journey together. Wine Trail Weddings helps make those moments even more magical. 
The venue offers a number of spectacular lighting and decor options that can help you feel as though you've entered a magical fairyland. When you look back on those memories, you'll appreciate the care that goes into every moment, from the first time you walk onto the property until the last. Many couples have made fantastic memories with every moment at Wine Trail Weddings--and your wedding could be the next one to make the most of this gorgeous venue. 

Custom Styling Options

Your wedding is uniquely your own, and you want every part of the process to reflect your unique sense of style and the beauty that matters most to you. At Wine Trail Weddings, you can customize many of the options that go along with your special day so that they best reflect you and everything you are. Wine Trail Weddings offers custom wedding dresses designed by Nightcap, which offers exclusive French lace dresses. 
If you want your entire wedding party to stand out as never before, Wine Trail Weddings can connect you with a custom package that will have Nightcap custom design dresses for everyone in the party: bridesmaids, flower girls, and even the mother of the bride and groom. These stunning dresses have appeared on The Bachelorette stars as well as other celebrities around the world.

Fantastic Wine

As part of your wedding package at Wine Trail Weddings, you want to ensure that you're getting the best wine to serve your guests. Wine Trail Weddings works with Four Brothers Wine to provide a high-quality wine experience. "It's not just a bottle of wine," Four Brothers notes. "It's a lifestyle surrounding adventure from the land to the sea." This boutique, family-run business is based on a lot of love, including a love of adventure and a love of family. Your wedding is the start of your grand adventure, and the wine from Four Brothers Wine can help you get off to a fantastic start. 
If you're looking for an exclusive wedding venue with everything you could possibly imagine to make your day magical and perfect, Wine Trail Weddings delivers. Explore the best of all that the venue has to offer and make the most of every moment on your special day. You can book a tour that will let you check out every corner of the venue to determine if it's the right one to fit your dreams. When you’re ready, choose Wine Trail Weddings as your wedding or event venue to ensure you have a fantastic experience and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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